Most landscape work requires some excavation to take place, that’s why Cascade Lawn Care can be trusted with your next excavation project. We are available for most small excavation jobs, no job is too small. Whether you need to excavate a footing for a retaining wall (we install these too!), or need a foundation dug for your home or shop we can do it. Even if you just need a trench excavated for utilities we can do it. If you need help putting things back together afterwards we can help with that too.

Small Excavation Projects

If you have a small project that’s too big to handle on your own, but too small for other contractors we are willing to take it on. Whether you need to remove a small concrete slab or building, or if you need to dig a utility trench we can help! Maybe you have a part of your yard that you would like to level out and install a retaining wall, we can help. If you need to regrade your yard to make it more usable we can help. If you need to install drainage we can do that too. If you need help to lay new sod, or to back fill a trench after your project is complete we can do that too.


If you need a foundation dug we can do it. Your foundation is the most important part of your house, so it is pertinent that your contractor pay close attention to the details when digging your foundation. That is why we have a high tech laser level system for checking depths and grades when digging your foundation. We can dig your  foundation and haul away all the fill if need be. Let’s get started today, give us a call for your free estimate!